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The menu

Spanish cuisine has always remained true to its roots: cooking with what the earth provides. The dishes are characterised by their simplicity. Nonetheless, Spanish cuisine is extremely diverse. By the different climatic conditions alone, there can be no uniformity in Spanish cookery.

However Spanish cuisine is shaped not only by the diversity of the landscape, but also of its people. Many of the nations that conquered Spain in the course of history – the Romans, Jews and Arabs, those who travelled to the new world and the many centuries of pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela – the centuries have left a trail for our palate follow.

In compiling our menu we have tried to reflect the variety of Spanish cuisine, nature and culture by including diverse, authentic, regional tapas.

For example our menu includes tapas from the Canary Islands (arrugadas Papas con mojo picon), dishes from Catalonia (Crème Catalan), Chuletas Cordero from the Aragon Pyrenees and Calamari a la Plancha from the sea of ??Valencia.

La Bodega works exclusively with fresh products and our tapas is freshly prepared for you each day. We also import a large number of high quality products directly from Spain.

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